We Say Goodbye To You're The Man Now Dog

Youre The Man Now Dog (YTMND), the leader in the meme industry, has closed down. The team at YTMND.com allowed members to upload an image or a GIF and add it with an audio recording to get hilarious results. Traffic to the website, however, reduced massively many years ago with the dominance of social media.

Originally in 2016, YTMND's leader Max Goldberg said YTMND will likely shut soon because of declining popularity and his poor health. "It seems like the internet has moved on," Max stated to Gizmodo.

YTMND started in 2001 when Goldberg teamed sound of Sean Connery saying the verbatim, "You're the man now, dog!", teamed with a gif & also the words and placed it all on his webpage, yourethemannowdog.com .


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